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Rich was very knowledgable about the areas I was interested in and what my goal was regarding investment grade property. He provided me with excellent research data that saved me a lot of time so that I could view only the properties that were of interest to me.

Bruce Baron

I have bought and sold property in North Carolina, California and now Florida, and I have worked with many realtors over the years, but none have been as knowledgeable, competent and honest as Rich.  He consistently produces the best deal!  He is a skilled negotiator when working for you, but he is  completely zero pressure when presenting you with the facts of a potential sale or purchase.  Rich is the deal realtor for any home buyer, but he he specializes in working with investors.  I have purchased five houses (1 for my family and 4 as investments) with Rich and because of his skills, we have beat out many other investors on some great deals.  Call Rich today–you won’t be disappointed.

Jonathan Morris

Rich worked with us for quite some time until everything fell in to place. He even guided us to a financial advisor that worked with us and got us on the correct path. Rich worked really hard to get us exactly what we wanted and more. Couldn’t ask for a better experience.


I moved to Pensacola, FL late 2013 looking to buy a home. I contacted several realators requesting listings of homes fitting my criteria and got 5 or 6 listings. I was a little frustrated. After contacting Rich he sent me 3 pages of listing that met my criteria perfectly. Since then I bought 3  homes and sold 1 through Rich and am still working with him. Thorough, honest, trustworthy, I highly recommend Rich for all and any of your real estate needs.


Rich Richardson is by far the best “Real Estate Professional” in the Pensacola area.  I have conducted many deals and have had some good experiences with my past agents, but Rich has set the bar!!! He provides expert insight on investment opportunities from start to finish, and will not hesitate to  tell you to walk-away.  Rich ensures that his clients are always on the winning side of each deal that is on the table.  Additionally, his rapid return phone calls w/ answers and step-by-step coach like guidance is vital in providing a comfortable experience that first time homebuyers and investors need.  My wife and I primarily focus on flips/rental properties; due to Rich’s work ethic, dependability, and masterful knowledge in real estate he handles everything for us without a question.

Team Avery

Rich is a great realtor who will stay on top of your request and needs.He will be there after hours and holidays.Rich is very knowledgeable and helpful during the buying process. Rich will notify you when houses or property comes available usually before it hits the market.

David Powell

After our first meeting and a few showings in person, I could readily see that Rich has a keen eye for value and construction.  He is extremely well versed in the local economy and the real estate market.  Rich is a true professional in his field.  He has fully demonstrated his capabilities not  only in words but also in action.  Honest and fair.  I’m so confident in his abilities that I buy houses from him while out of state based on his recommendations alone.


Over the past year I have worked with several real estate agents  in the Pensacola/Pace/Milton area. Rich was the most knowledgeable one in the Area of foreclosures and specifically in the type of home and price range I was looking for.  He found multiple choices for me and he found one that  covered all the bases. My First bid was accepted and I purchased the home  and closed in just over 30 days. Rich definitely stood out above the rest.


From first call to final close, Rich and the team at The Agency, Pensacola were outstanding.  I met Rich and his partner Rob Wilmer and they showed us several houses that met our needs or that I wanted to see.  They were extremely knowledgeable about the area and we made a great decision.  We were  working with the government and between their knowledge and the staff they had access to, all our questions were answered.  We were out of town buyers and Rich and Rob both helped with many small details that really made a difference… from local contractors to the size of the opening for the fridge!!  I highly recommend Rich and the team.


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